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The latest hardware to join the TERRA series is TERRA AKZENT. Apart from its sleek contemporary look, the system also has some technical surprises in store: for example, the height of the sliding door can be adjusted even after installation! To do so, the roller can be moved a few millimeters up or down inside its housing. And all without any effect on the door’s aesthetics, because the technical components are hidden behind a magnetic cover.

The TERRA AKZENT system comes in two versions. The raised runner rail can be bolted or glued to the floor.

But because some customers prefer a barrier-free threshold, we also offer a concave floor rail for installation in a channel in the floor. TERRA AKZENT has a convex roller available for this version.


ModelTerra Akzent ST.1064
Suitable for door leaf ofGlass
Wall distance variable29,5–49,5 mm

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Produkt Kat - Barn Door System


Model Terra Akzent ST.1064
Suitable for door leaf of Glass
Wall distance variable 29,5–49,5 mm


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