Most of our barn door hardware consists of roller carriage, rail with wall or ceiling fitting, end stopper and floor guide. Additional accessories for example door handles or flush pulls, optionally ceiling connectors instead of wall connectors also the soft-stop-technology and/or the synchronized technology. We gladly advise you.

Pull Bars and Stiletto Handles, Cup Pulls and Knobs

These are no mere door pulls – TORDA devotes itself instead to developing and crafting door openers that are delightful to the touch. Whether straight handles, flush pulls, stiletto handles or knobs: we make no compromises when it comes to design, material and surface finish. In addition to our range of stainless steel handles with round or flat sections, we also use alternative materials such as wood. Combining materials opens the door to creativity. Even the production of special handles with unusual shapes and proportions is possible, for example for grand entranceways. We can also contribute many creative ideas for your own unique door handle design.



Soft-stop-technology ensures especially comfortable operation of our sliding door systems. Shortly before the door reaches its end position, the technology automatically stops the door leaf, ensuring gentle opening and closing.

Soft-stop-technology is available for all sliding door systems with top roller and bottom roller.


Accessories for sliding door systems

Glass-floor-ceiling connectors, glass-glass corner connectors, glass fasteners for round rails, door leaf stop, floor guide for glass, floor end stopper, ceiling fastener, adjustable, … according to requirements the systems can complement.

We gladly advise you.