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Fully in accordance with the motto “Back to the roots”, only we can offer new “old barn door hardware” that have all the positive properties of the modern age. While heavy doors in olden times were cumbersome and pure usefulness was at the forefront, today we are combining this raw and simultaneously very unusual look with the finest technology, outstanding quality and the simplest handling. All system components are made of blasted and black burnished S235JR steel. They are suitable for wooden doors with a maximum weight of up to 190 kg.


Modell-ENSteel SB.0001
Suitable for door leaf ofglass | wood | metal | decor
Wall distance39

Suitable for

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Produkt Kat - Barn Door System


Modell-EN Steel SB.0001
Suitable for door leaf of glass | wood | metal | decor
Wall distance 39


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