Our ladders can be adapted to meet your requirements. Particularly by configurating the steps as simple rungs or with brighter steps in stainless steel, wood or lacquered surface.

For our positionable, hook or sliding ladders we offer a several rocker arm foot – optionally a rocker arm foot with auto-stop-function. We also offer ladders even for heights above 3 meters (118 inches/3 yards). A stainless steel hand rail provides protection and stability.

Basic Form  Steps   Wheels   Railing

The Difference: Round Design (Klassik) or Square Design (Akzent)

Customizable Tread

Personalized treads… We’ve got you covered! From powder coating a specific color to choosing from a variety of different wood species or even opting for a clean stainless steel finish, the options are at your fingertips.

Wood Colors

RAL Colors

RAL K5 Fächer

RAL K5 Fächer

The treads, optionally made of wood or stainless steel treads, can be painted in any RAL color.


Safety Side Rails