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While in use the telescopic ladder will always stand in a safe tilt angle due to its specially designed telescope mechanism. When it is not needed it can be posted into an absolutely vertical position, leaving enough space even in small rooms or in floor plans whith two shelves facing each other. A rocker arm rubber foot in the bottom guarantees a safe adjustment to any angle.


Modell-ENAkzent SL.6003.AK
Art-ENTelescopic Sliding Ladder
Stufen-ENblack coated steps in RAL

Individualize your ladder

In combination with light wooden steps, the stainless steel ladder integrates ideally into a modern interior. Colored lacquered stainless steel steps provide for noble accents within an exclusive ambience.

Modern technology and outstanding workmanship

Like all other products, our conductors are 100% produced in Germany under the requirement of high processing quality. They expect high-quality ladders, which are manufactured by the combination of modern technology and outstanding workmanship.

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Produkt Kat - Schiebeleitern


Modell-EN Akzent SL.6003.AK
Art-EN Telescopic Sliding Ladder
Stufen-EN black coated steps in RAL




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  • Especially space-saving
  • Secure standing position
  • Easy to move
  • Comfortable use with longer ladders

Options and Accessories

Configuration options and accessories for your ladder.

Options and Accessories